a sampling of some of my works and upcoming projects can be found here 
Current Projects
I am currently working on a commission from Lisa Eckstein for the NOVA Alexandria Band.  The premier date will be during their Fall 2020 concert season. The duration is going to be approximately 5-7min and feature a lyrical chorale style taking advantage of her ensembles strong and full brass section  

I am currently editing and engraving a sonata for cello and piano written for my colleague Quinton Braswell, a cellist currently studying at the Royal Academy of Music, London to be recorded this spring 
Chamber Concerto for Trombone (2017)
Solo Trombone - String Quartet and Piano
2 Movements - 14 minutes total duration
written for trombonist Jeremy Killeen
Concerto for Winds and Percussion (2017)
3 Movements - 15 minutes duration
grade 6
written for large wind ensemble, premiered 8/25/17 by the George Mason University Wind Symphony conducted by Mark Camphouse
Partita for Harpsichord (2015)
the "Tambourin" is Included in the Alienor Competition Anthology 
Currently being recorded by Elaine Funaro for her upcoming album on Centaur Records
it has been performed at multiple concerts and conferences including one at Oberlin

one concert's review can be found here:
Trio for Flute, Oboe, and Piano (2013)
3 movements - 14 minutes duration
I - prelude
II - passacaglia 
III - contrapunctus